Sustainability consulting that supports your bottom line  

What can we do for you? We help organizations of all sizes become more successful by integrating principles of sustainability into their operations and policies. We evaluate energy use and supply chain efficiency, measure carbon footprint, and plan and implement cost-cutting strategies.

Strategic Planning

We help clients develop sustainability goals that mitigate risks and uncover new opportunities. We design strategies to implement those goals. We work within your budget and offer realistic plans, consistent with your financial goals.

Financial Analysis

We help you evaluate the financial benefits across the range of your products, services, operations, and management. We demonstrate to you that the business benefits of sustainable development are quantifiable and real.

Energy Management

Inefficient energy use costs money and causes excess carbon emissions. Energy efficiency modifications include improvements to lighting, heating and air conditioning systems. These typically have a payback time of less than three years. For recent case studies, click here.

Green Building

We are LEED accredited and Built it Green Certified Professionals. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the certification system of the U.S. Green Building Council. Built It Green trains professionals on the latest and best green building practices. We simplify and streamline the LEED certification process. We focus on strategies that produce the lowest Full Life Cycle cost while achieving the highest environmental performance.

Some of the green building services we provide are:

  • Charrette Facilitation: Charrette is a form of collaborative project design, based on close consultation with stakeholders.
  • LEED Project Management: LEED provides a set of quantifiable standards that allow consumers to measure the impact of sustainable policies.
  • Materials Research: The materials in your building affect energy use, indoor air quality, durability, and the environment. We can help you find the best materials.
  • Energy Modeling: Using computer simulations, we predict the energy usage of various design options, before you build.

Brand Value

More and more consumers and businesses are critically evaluating the organizations that they associate with. They consider how their purchases and partnerships affect non-financial outcomes such as the environment, human capital, quality of life, and future generations. By aligning your organization with values of sustainability, your brand can build trust and loyalty of the rising number of "green" consumers.

Sustainable Return on Investment

In today's competitive environment, with more and more firms claiming to be "green", we help you stand out by proving the social benefit of your organization's efforts. Through frameworks that quantify the sustainable return on investment, we can help you measure your impact.

Color your brand green
A growing number of consumers take into consideration the social and environmental reputation of companies when deciding which products to buy. A green brand is essential.

Buildings are energy guzzlers
Buildings consume 40% of US energy, including 27% of electricity, 12% of water and 60% of non-industrial waste. You can cut your energy bills significantly if your buildings are planned with energy efficiency in mind.

Healthier and happier staff
Employees who work in buildings designed to meet sustainable standards are healthier and happier. This manifests itself in fewer sick days, better motivation, and higher quality work.

Sustainable business resources
Don't take our word for it. Check out our selection of green resources, chosen to provide the clearest insights into the benefits of sustainable business practices.