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Stuart Fishman - Founder / Consultant

Stuart Fishman

Stuart Fishman has over twenty years of consulting experience helping businesses work more efficiently. He strongly believes in the business case for sustainability.

That is, with the right combination of stakeholder dialoged, careful evaluation of true long term costs, benefits, and opportunities - being an environmentally friendly business translates to increased profitability.

Stuart has worked with Bay Area cities in formulating Climate Action Plans, quantified both financial and social return on investment, and worked with event planners by advising on the creation of productions with a minimal environmental footprint.

Stuart's focus is on sustainable business strategy, energy efficiency, and green building.

Stuart is a LEED Accredited Professional, Certified Green Building Professional, and a graduate of the Sustainable Building Advisory curriculum. He is an active member of the Bay Area's sustainability movement, being a member of the East Bay Sustainable Business Alliance, Northern California chapter of the US Green Building Council, and many other grass roots organizations. Stuart has an MBA in Sustainable Management from San Francisco's Presidio Gradute School.

Stuart is the San Francisco Green Business Blogger of

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Color your brand green
A growing number of consumers take into consideration the social and environmental reputation of companies when deciding which products to buy. A green brand is essential.

Buildings are energy guzzlers
Buildings consume 40% of US energy, including 27% of electricity, 12% of water and 60% of non-industrial waste. You can cut your energy bills significantly if your buildings are planned with energy efficiency in mind.

Healthier and happier staff
Employees who work in buildings designed to meet sustainable standards are healthier and happier. This manifests itself in fewer sick days, better motivation, and higher quality work.

Sustainable business resources
Don't take our word for it. Check out our selection of green resources, chosen to provide the clearest insights into the benefits of sustainable business practices.